Guild Meeting August 20, 2022

August 17, 2022 4:55 am

The Catholic Medical Guild of Fort Wayne is open to anyone in healthcare and has been doing monthly meetings for fellowship, prayer, and discussions. We are meeting at St Vincent de Paul the third Saturday of each month following the 8:15 Mass which will be approximately 9:00 AM. Most meetings will be in the Spiritual Center Room A.

We are doing a short course called “The Purpose and Meaning of Suffering: a Discussion-Based Course for Health Care Professionals”. This will be covering Pope John Paul II’s Apostolic letter “Salvifici Doloris–On the Christian Meaning of Human Suffering”.  Basically the course is designed to help health care workers understand Catholic vision of the purpose and meaning of suffering, which we see every day at work, and learn how to practically provide compassion to our suffering patients.  This was written by Dr. McGovern in 2013 for this guild.

Each month one lesson will be discussed. No reading beforehand is required but reading the short segment of the Apostolic Letter found within the lesson will give you more reflection time than if you wait to read it at the meeting.   Again, this is optional.

For August 20 we will be reading Lesson 10.

Please come even without having looked at the lesson, or at the previous lessons.  We will have extra copies at the meeting for you if you don’t bring it with you.  Call 260-222-6978 for more details or to get on our email list for events.

Click HERE for the course lessons which can be printed.

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