To join the Lejeune Guild of the CMA, all you need to do is fill out this form:

MEMBERSHIP FORM for Dr Lejeune Catholic Medical Guild of NE IN

and then decide on payment. EVERYONE who wants to be a member of the Lejeune Guild needs to fill out this form yearly. You are not required to join to come to events. However the dues help us pay for coffee, snacks, and media costs. We kept the dues amount as low as possible.

Your 2 choices payment choices are to pay the CMA nationally by the national CMA in addition to joining the local guild, and thereby receiving all the benefits of national membership, OR to join our local guild only.

If you join the national CMA, fill out their membership form also and arrange to pay them their dues. Your local membership is then free, but you still need to to fill out our membership form so we know who you are.

If you would rather just join the Lejeune Guild and not the national guild, you will pay some dues to us. Just click on the PAYMENTS/DONATIONS tab to pay us locally. The local dues are much less than the national dues since you get less benefits.


Payment options as listed on the membership form:

ANYONE can pay the national CMA dues and therefore owe the Lejeune Guild nothing.


Physicians pay this guild by check or Paypal for $25

Anyone else in healthcare pay local dues by check for $15


Make checks out to the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend with “medical guild membership” on comment line. Or, you may pay on Paypal, through the website. Again, just click on the PAYMENTS/DONATIONS tab for more information.

National prices for joining national CMA provided for reference (but you pay this to the CMA not to us):

Physician Members                                                   Associate members (dentists, chiropracters, podiatrists, PA

Active                         $375                                                                        NP, psychologists, midwives, etc) $225

First year in practice $200

Semi-retired               $175                                                Affiliate Members

Retired                        $100                                                Medical students $100 for 4 years or $35 per year

Residents/fellows      $50                                                  Nurses/allied health    $150

Clergy/religious physicians $75                                      Clergy/religious             $50

Active duty military     $200                                            Seminarians no charge

Non-Catholic MD/DO $200                                           Friends/supporters      $150