November 1, 2016 10:43 pm

Thanks to the very hard work of Stephanie Patka, Secretariat for Communications of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend, we now have available the videos from Medcon 2016 which took place at St Francis on September 24, 2016. She has done an amazing job!

01 Catholicism and Human Dignity with Dr Ashley Fernandes and Sister Mary Diana Dreger

02 NaPro Symposium w Dr Hilgers MedCon 2016

03 Keynote – The Catholic Difference: Lessons from Dr. Jerome Lejeune with Dr. Thomas W. Hilgers

04 Difficult Issues in Women’s Health with Dr. Chris Stroud and Dr. Thomas Hilgers

05 Catholic Identity in a For Profit World with Sister Mary Diana Dreger and Kenneth Jones

06 Evangelization in the Workplace personal examples from Dr Chris Stroud, Dr Thomas McGovern, Dr Dave Kaminskas, Elaine Cooper, Dr Kate Heimann, Dr John Rice

07 What Would You Do A panel discussion with Dr. Hilgers, Sister Mary Diana Dreger, and Dr. Ashley Fernandes, driven by collected questions by the audience

09 Suffering 101 with Dr Tom McGovern assisted by Sister Mary Diana Dreger

10 End of Life Assisted Suicide with Dr Ashley Fernandes

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