You have reached the right spot to pre-pay for the Lenten Retreat, March 11, in Fort Wayne!  The price is $10 per person for the meal. If you are a student, or in religious life, there is no cost.  You must try to RSVP as well so we know approximately how much food to order.  

Note that the Mass will be at 8:15 am in the St Vincent de Paul church in Fort Wayne then the retreat starts afterwards with breakfast at the Life Center building. There will be signs up.

If you have a financial hardship, but want to attend, please contact us!  Just fill out the above Registration form and explain your interest or financial hardship and we will see what we can work out

If you have ANY questions, please contact one of use by EMAIL or call us at 260-222-6978.


Please make out the check to:

Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend with “Jerome Lejeune Guild banquet/membership/Retreat/Donation” as indicated on comment line.

Please Mail Check to:

Dr. Jerome Lejeune Medical Guild of Northeast Indiana
c/o Dave Kaminskas
7019 Melody Lane
Ft. Wayne, IN 46804
This is also the right place to pay for local membership. This year payment is optional. You do not need to be a member to go to most of the activities of the year.   However, it does help us pay for speakers and incidentals like coffee.  Also note that it is free to join our Guild if you join the National CMA and normally local guild charge is $25 if you are a physician and $15 if you are a non-physician in healthcare.  We are waiving the price for 2022 for membership however if you want to give a donation you can use Paypal right here, or send us a check.  Just be sure to put the reason for the donation on the check or in the comments area on Paypal to let us know what you are paying for.  
Then, fill out the Membership form if your intent is to join the Guild either locally or nationally so you will be on the mailing list.